Organic JAS certification
100% Organic ENZYME Drink


100% Organic ENZYME Drink MOEGI

MOEGI think thoroughly about people's future health.

Our Pursuit

In Japan,MOEGI is the first 100% organic plant-fermented Enzyme Drink as Organic JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) certified.

Notable points

we are committed to making MOEGI with 100% organic raw materials.

1 Ingredients: Only use organic JAS-certified vegetables and fruits
Uses seasonal vegetables and fruits grown in nature.
2 No additives/ No water
Not only is it colorless and fragrance fragrance-free, but it also contains no added vitamin C (preservative) or white sugar. Not diluted with water.
3 Easy to drink and delicious taste
The center of the taste pursues deliciousness with "strawberry" or "blueberry".
4 Allergen free
No allergenic ingredients (specified by the Japanese government)
5 Carefully handcrafted : about two and a half years
One bottle is made only with rare and nutritious enzymes that have been aged for a long time.

Responsible selection of raw materials

33 Organic Vegetables & Fruits

33 kinds of seasonal organic vegetables and fruits are fermented and aged with whole skins and seeds.


Berries organic strawberries, organic blueberries
citrus Organic tangerine, organic Iyokan, organic yuzu, organic sudachi, organic lemon, organic hassaku, organic red summer


Apiaceae organic carrots, organic celery
Solanaceae organic tomatoes, organic eggplants, organic peppers
five pungent roots organic garlic, organic chives, organic green onions
Others organic garland chrysanthemum, organic lettuce, organic zucchini, organic cucumber, organic burdock, organic ginger, organic onion, organic pumpkin, organic spinach, organic raw shiitake mushroom, organic parsley
Cruciferous organic cabbage, organic radish, organic mizuna, organic komatsuna, organic bok choy

Commitment to materials

based on certain criteria

We incorporate the perspective of preventive medicine for people's healthy lives.
We carefully select materials based on designer foods.

※"Designer foods project project" (1990, National Cancer Institute Institute)
“Cancer Prevention and Novel Food Development Development-From Designer Foods to Functional Foods Foods-” Toshihiko Osawa Osawa,Journal of the Japanese Society of Dietary Habits,2009
Vegetables and Health :Seikabiyori website -1

Commitment to the manufacturing method

Not contain white sugar that cools the body
Organic brown sugar encourages fermentation insteadinsteadof white sugar
Only organic ingredients
All raw materials are organic JAS certified raw materials
No expiration date
The reasonreasonis thatthatit is 100 %fermentedfermentedand containscontainsno additives

Competitor product method

Mass production Dilute with water

MOEGI enzyme drink

Separate fermentation for each material Meticulous hand work work:high rarity value

Focusing on the effects of strawberries

especially for women

Strawberry seeds are also effective

  • “Tyriroside” increases ceramide in the skin
  • Strengthens skin barrier function
  • Increases “Involkun” that strengthens the stratum corneum of the skin
  • The above suggests that it has a mechanism of promoting fatty acid oxidation and anti anti-obesity action.

Great for dieting and fasting

  • Tannin suppresses obesity
  • Anthocyanin burns fat
  • Anthocyanin (red pigment) has an antioxidant effect that removes active oxygen, and also has the function of preventing visceral fat from accumulating.
  • Low calorie: 168kcal/100g

MOEGI is trusted wellness product

Support beauty and health

Improving the quality of eating habits

  • Common vegetables and fruits are grown with pesticides as standard, standard, and nutrients are also reduced.
  • It compensates for the lack of vegetables, which is a problem in modern diets.

Organic fasting support

  • For safer and healthier fasting
  • It is also ideal for nutritional supplementation during fasting.
  • Kenji Okabe, director of Fasting Seminar (Musubi no Kai) in Japan, also recognizes the rarity value of MOEGI.

Fermentation effect

  • Immune-boosting effect can be expected
  • Helps absorb nutrients
  • Increase of useful components( amino acids acids, organic acids, etc.) in the

No animal products/chemicals used:
Suitable for everyone, including vegans and children

Investigation of ingredients contained in MOEGI

About D-Amino Acids, Essential Nutrients for Health and Beauty

We are comparing and investigating the amount of D-amino acid between MOEGI and competitors' products.

Survey results: MOEGI is No.1

*Amino Acid Building Blocks: Aspartic Acid, Alanine, Asparagine

Aspartic Acid

  • Raw material for collagen
  • Brings fatigue recovery effect


  • Strengthens liver function.
  • Promote fat burning


  • The source of muscles, internal
  • organs, hair and skin

Component analysis results by Shiseido Co., Ltd.(2019/10/23 23)

Survey on MOEGI

Age breakdown of respondents

What they noticed after drinking MOEGI
With multiple answers/single answer

Research period : 2022/6/1-2022/7/15
Survey target: 100 MOEGI purchasers
Effective collection number 62 people(Effective collection rate 62%)
Survey method: on the web

100% Organic ENZYME Drink

Japan's first 100% organic Fermented plant extract

  • Price: 13,500 yen/bottle (tax included)
  • Contents: 500ml
  • Estimated daily intake: 15ml
    (1 bottle for about 33 days)

Contact information

3-12-17 Ginza, Chuo Chuo-ku, Tokyo ,JAPAN
MOEGI Co., Ltd.